john herrick

February 4, 2013
Missed Opportunities, Willing Heart

Missed Opportunities, Willing Heart

Does opportunity only knock once? Did you miss its knock this week?
January 30, 2013
Good to be Alive

Good to be Alive

Which song makes you smile? Jason Gray’s “Good to be Alive” is my recurring song of gratitude these days. It’s from Jason’s A Way to See in the Dark album.
January 23, 2013
Wandering in Circles

Wandering in Circles

It seems I’ve spent many years of my life going around in circles. In your job or other areas of responsibility, do things operate in cycles?
January 10, 2013

The Landing Now Available for Kindle

I hope your new year is going well!
January 2, 2013
Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers: The Landing by John Herrick

Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers: The Landing by John Herrick

Much thanks to the "chef" at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers blog for reviewing my novel.
November 20, 2012

First Draft Done

Well, after a long, unexpected halt to the writing, I can finally say I finished the first draft of the third novel about an hour ago
August 23, 2012

The Landing Arrives August 28

Thanks for being patient with me! At long last, my new novel, The Landing, hits shelves this Tuesday, August 28, but is available for order now!
July 31, 2012

The Landing – Special Pre-order Offer

A big thank you to all who have asked about the street date for the new novel, The Landing!