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8 Reasons Your Life Matters

April 15, 2013

8 Reasons Your Life Matters

Published 2013
Formats: Print, e-Book

I If I were to disappear, would anybody notice?

Each of us has asked that question in dark, honest moments.

In his first nonfiction book, 8 Reasons Your Life Matters, bestselling author John Herrick combines personal struggles with biblical insight. Injecting eight chapters with humor, memoir moments, and a postmodern perspective on life, Herrick shares eight reasons your life matters:

  • Your Life is More Permanent than Your Struggles
  • God Sees You Differently than You See Yourself
  • You Have a Destiny
  • You are Remembered, not Forgotten
  • You Were Someone’s First Pick
  • Your Absence Would Leave a Permanent Hole
  • People Need to See You Overcome
  • You are Loved and Valued

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