You Alone

You Alone

You Alone

Are you an individual who doesn’t fit in with the majority? Did you grow up on the sidelines, an outsider looking in on cliques and groups? Or did you just have a nagging sense that you didn’t fit in?

Perhaps you do things in a way others don’t understand. We seem to celebrate outside-the-box solutions—but not way out there!

If no one’s ever told you this, then I have some good news for you …

You weren’t born to fit in. You don’t want to fit in. You were created unique.

I’ve heard it said that every story has already been told. What makes a story fresh and new is the unique blend—characters, plot details, background and so forth—the author introduces to an old story.

Pick any well-written story and you will discover the main character has a trait that makes him or her unique. Whether a physical trait, an emotional struggle, or an unusual background or life experience, something will set the character apart from others you’ve grown accustomed to.

This is what intrigues us about the character. We look for different. We actually seek it out.

In other words, if the main character doesn’t stand apart from characters in other novels, we tend to gravitate away from the book. Why? Frankly, typical is boring.

We love to cheer for the underdogs. This seems amplified among Americans due to our historical heritage.

We love to see someone break away from the pack or overcome an obstacle.

And such is the case in life.

If you don’t fit in, keep it that way. Maintain your God-given uniqueness. Foster the qualities that cause you to stand out from the crowd.

That’s the type of person about whom stories are written.

Never give up!

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