Reviving Dead Dreams

Reviving Dead Dreams

Reviving Dead Dreams

Did you bury a dream years ago?

Maybe it was a childhood dream or an idea for a new invention. Deep inside, you sensed it wasn’t a mere silly fantasy. Something told you your dream was within reach.

But somewhere along the way, your dream died. As each year creeps along, a piece of you grows dry, like you thirst for water but don’t know how to quench your thirst.

From time to time, maybe that dream has resurfaced in your heart—a dim, subtle glow that emanates from your core. But the ember fades again.

At some point, you might have said, “That dream is dead to me.”

I’ve been there. It can feel as if a part of you dies on the inside. Yet the concept seems too abstract to take action. If you’re in that sort of rut, you probably don’t know what to do.

The answer might be rather simple: Do something. Start somewhere.

Oftentimes, the plan will come together—but we need to take that first step of faith. We don’t know what comes next. Then again, maybe we don’t need to know what comes next.

Don’t feel like it? The good news is, feelings don’t count—they really don’t!

So do you have a dead dream? What can you do today that will get you one step toward your dream? It might be a simple step, but it counts. Each step adds up. One step can turn into 1,000 steps if we stick with it long enough.

If you’ve shared your dream and some people don’t understand, there’s a reason: God didn’t give the dream to them. He gave it to you. It burns in your heart, not theirs.

Do you have a dream to write? Write a poem. Try keeping a journal. Brainstorm some story or song ideas on a napkin.

Do you have a business startup idea? Start some research. Grab a book from the library and learn more about the market. Chances are, a niche will surface eventually.

In other words, prime the pump. In a short while, you’ll find yourself more fired up. I’ve found it to work. And even today, I return to the same principles. I needed the reminder today!

You’re not alone. You’re not defeated. Hang in there and revive a dead dream!

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