All About the People

All About the People

All About the People

About a week ago, I had a book signing in Columbia, Missouri, about two hours from my St. Louis hometown. As a new author, you’re not well known and don’t know what to expect. You do what you can to get the word out, but I’ve seen several signings for unknown authors and, well, enough said!

I’m thankful to say we went through almost the entire supply the bookstore had ordered. We left only four copies behind, which went beyond my dreams. When new readers come on board, it’s a thrill.

But I have to say, the best part of a book signing has nothing to do with selling books. The day boils down to the people.

Columbia’s Barnes and Noble is located in a shopping mall, so a lot of traffic came into the store in four hours’ time. Most customers hadn’t heard of From The Dead yet. Many decided to stop by to chat and/or buy the book. Most people asked what the book is about. But I loved turning the table by asking what type of books they like to read. Eventually some opened up about other aspects of their lives—what they do for a living or a dream they carry.

That was fascinating. The visitors came from all walks of life.

Moms with kids. A musician. Two ministers. A book reviewer. Students with dreams of their own. And the list goes on.

Each person had a unique story.

And a unique (written) story can serve as a common thread among people of diverse backgrounds.

While talking with visitors, once again it hit me that we’re not members of a glob. We’re individuals. And as an author, I have the privilege of connecting with individuals through the written word. Each individual faces an array of circumstances as he or she reads a novel. Some of those circumstances aren’t too encouraging, so an author has the opportunity to speak from the heart and remind them not to give up.

This latest experience provided fresh insight and vision in preparation for my next novel.

It’s all about the heart. And it’s all about the people who cross our paths.

Thanks for the reminder, those of you who stopped by to say hello!

Hope this helps. Never give up!