Hudson Class Reunion

A big congrats to the Hudson High School Class of 1993! (Not sure if you offer congrats, but...)

The big reunion is this weekend. While I won't be able to attend, it seemed wrong not to acknowledge the landmark.

For readers not familiar with Hudson, it's a community in northern Ohio, between Cleveland and Akron. I set much of my novel From The Dead in Hudson.

What makes the Class of 1993 unique in historical terms is that we were the first class to graduate from the newly built high school. Personally memorable for me was being a cast member of the first play to be performed on the brand new auditorium stage. We performed The Curious Savage. Tell you what, I'll trek down to my basement and dig up the old yearbook ... okay, here's a lovely picture of that inaugural cast (part of it). You're looking for the psychiastrist in the back row, third from the left:

I enjoyed those plays. I was one of those quiet guys who rarely spoke, but didn't mind speaking on stage. Getting out of the shell was a good thing.

Here's some fun trivia for you: People all over America have heard of the high school and don't realize it. About ten years ago, the main characters in a film called Eurotrip graduated from Hudson High School in Ohio. More fun facts on Wikipedia.

Here's a yearbook pic of the newly built high school in 1993, which I'd love to see again someday:

Cheers to the Hudson Class of 1993. We were blessed with a top-notch education and a great staff that encouraged us. We even had "moms" in the Commons!

Have a great time this weekend! And for those on Facebook, feel free to friend/connect. Safe travels to all. Hope you all are doing well and wish you the best.

Today's Playlist: Gather Up by Peter Bradley Adams