Healing Hearts: From the Dead Review

Healing Hearts: From the Dead Review

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Located another nice review for From The Dead.


There are so many things I could say about this book. It was edgy. It was heart-wrenching. It was honest. Bottom line...it had a lot of guts. In some ways the story made me think of a Nicholas Sparks novel, at least for the second half of the book.

The first half was more gritty, especially the language - yeah, that included those touchy f-bombs. But it didn't upset me, because it truly fit the story. And I can't stand that word, but it wasn't overly done, in my opinion. It just made the characterization more real in my mind.

I love a story that is emotionally gripping and makes me think about my own life. This book does that. I seriously didn't want to do anything except read this book and nearly read it straight through (darn that day job.) At times I kept thinking things were so intense that the author wouldn't go "there," and then he did. I thought, how much worse could this guy mess up his life? Not much more. But those things was essential in order to illustrate the change in Jesse that occurred later on. It made the story seem more real.

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