Guest Post – Portland Book Review

Thanks for all your support with my new novel, Between These Walls. What a thrill to learn the book has been well received. Publishers Weekly wrote, "Herrick will make waves...with this tale."

And I'm thrilled to have you along for the blog tour! The latest stop is a guest post at the Portland Book Review. Are you a writer or creative individual and find yourself unable to move forward on your project? Or are you stuck in a job that doesn't make sense? My guest post shares some of the concepts I learned in the Information Technology world that turned out to be the keys I needed to complete my first book. I still use them today.

The post is titled "Nothing Goes to Waste: How a Noncreative Career Provided a Creative Framework." You can find it here.

Looking for more encouragement? You can download my nonfiction book 8 Reasons Your Life Matters for FREE at most retailers! All the details about Between These Walls, 8 Reasons, and the other books are at John Herrick online.

Thanks to the Portland Book Review for allowing me to stop by! The post will be syndicated later at the San Francisco Book Review.

Love you guys! I appreciate you.

Today's Playlist: Be Not Nobody by Vanessa Carlton