Ghost Tree EP

Ghost Tree EP

Lately, I’ve dabbled with listening to samples of Ulrich Schnauss, a European electronic artist I stumbled upon. It was in that context I discovered a Christian somewhat-counterpart with vocals, Ghost Tree.

In tracking down details, I learned that European band Ghost Town, in actuality, recorded its self-titled album in Nashville. That piqued my interest and I found myself wanting to discover more. Ghost Town is a Christian band that combines worshipful lyrics with a modern arena tonies. The album possesses an atmospheric landscape for those interested in Coldplay or U2.

Just about every album will contain a highlight track, that particular one that makes you say, "This is my favorite." For me, Ghost Tree provided "Glorious." It contains the most natural chorus melody.

My second-favorite track was “Hope,” with lyrics such as “Day will come when hope will rise.” The song focuses on comfort for this life, then expands into a picture of the day when this life ends and eternity begins. The lyrics helps me envision that day larger than I had before.

“Save My Day” offers a heart’s cry for help: “I’m desperate for Your love / Your grace is always enough.”

Ghost Tree rounds out its album with two more tracks, "You They See" and "Hallelujah."

The lyrics are touching, the sonic landscape stirring.

Rather than a "live" worship feel, Ghost Tree provides a recording perfect for times of focus, those times when Christians want to challenge themselves to consider whether God or eternity might be bigger than they might have originally imagined. A solid effort.