From the Dead - Original 2010 cover

From the Dead Original 2010 cover


First-month sales, especially first-week sales, are critical for a new book. I believe you’ll love Beautiful Mess, so this is a special offer to thank my “first responders” out there. If you’ve never read my first novel, From the Dead—or want to share it with a friend—this is your chance to snatch a signed copy for free!

And yes, if you buy multiple copies, you receive multiple free copies. (Early Christmas shoppers?)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy Beautiful Mess in paperback from any retailer, including online, by September 30, 2017. (Paperback only, not e-book.)
  2. You will need the following:
    * Copy of your purchase receipt (or other proof)
    * The name of the person to whom I should sign From the Dead
    * $3.00 for shipping (media mail rate)
  3. Email/attach the items above to bookoffer [at] You will receive an email with a link to PayPal for the $3 shipping.Or, if you prefer the mail/check method, please make payable to my publisher “Segue Blue”. Make sure you provide YOUR legible name & address! Send everything to me at: John Herrick – FTD Offer, P.O. Box 4134, St. Louis, MO 63006-4134.


Here’s the fine print:

USA residences only. Beautiful Mess paperback sales only. While supplies last. You will receive From the Dead in its original cover design. Please make sure all your information is legible! New paperback sales only. Offer ends September 30, 2017.

*** If I’m not told who to sign the book to, I will give it a generic signing. ***



“I want to give From the Dead to others. Can I get multiple copies?”
Yes! Buy as many as you wish. You will receive 1 signed paperback copy of From the Dead for every copy of Beautiful Mess you purchase. Make sure the quantity is clearly marked on the receipt.

“I already pre-ordered Beautiful Mess. Do I still qualify for this free offer?”
Yes! Just send a copy of your receipt or a pic of your “item purchased history” screen or whatever.

“Will the $3 shipping cover as many copies as I purchase?”
Yes! I’ll send the books via USPS media mail, so the shipping rate won’t fluctuate much.

“Can I buy Beautiful Mess from you directly?”
No. This offer is to encourage retail sales. If purchased from me, the sales don’t show up in the marketplace trackers.

“How long till my free book arrives?”
Please give it a few weeks. Shipping could take a while, plus I don’t know how many requests I’ll get.

“What if supply runs out?”
Your $3 will be refunded. If you wrote a check, it will be voided and returned.

“Can you sign the Beautiful Mess copy I purchased, too?”
Sure. When you send the other materials mentioned above, just put the book in the envelope. (Remember to tell me to whom to sign it!)

“Can I choose a different free book?”
Sorry, no. From the Dead got a recent cover redesign, so that freed up copies with its original cover. But you can have me sign your free copy to you, then you can give the copy you already own to a friend.